Air to Air heat pump

Efficiency, Intelligence and Acoustic performance

The new range of Compact HRW- IHP air to air heat pump
is designed for the highest level of sustainable indoor climate conditioning by integrating all elements into one single unit. Every component is attuned to one another for maximum comfort and low exploitation costs.

The HRW heat recovery air handling units are completely assembled with inverter scroll compressor(s), condenser, evaporator, inverter EC plug fans, heat recovery absorption wheel and control panel. The complete system is designed to have the absolute maximum heat-, and cooling recovery, free cooling and adjustable air volume when necessary. The controller is able to control the temperature, duct pressure or CO2 level. The HRW-IHP units are suitable for inside and outside operation.

Available from 2.000 – 75.000m3/h.

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The powerful microprocessors control the performance
of the reversible heat pump and is designed to maximise the energy saving and performance with high reliability. Depending on the application, the processor is able to control the temperature, duct pressure or CO2 level. This is achieved by the modulation of cooling power and the air flow guaranteed by the inverter technology. The unit is designed for easy RS485 connection to supervision systems based on Modbus, BacNet, LONworks protocol or TCP/IP.


By controlling the inverter compressor and adsorption rotary wheel speed the HRW-IHP is unique in its kind. By dehumidifying the supply air, low condensing pressure (in summertime,) high evaporating temperature (in wintertime) and cool - or heat recovery, the maximum efficiency is guaranteed.

Acoustic peformance

Some of the best acoustic performances have been achieved by EC plugfans with inverter technology. The compressor compartment is separated from the airstream and the HRW-IHP can be supplied with complete sound attenuators.

  • Integrated reversible heat pump
  • Cooling- or heat recovery by integrated exchangers and adsorption rotary wheel
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Supply air with F7 envelope filter, return air with F5 envelope filter
  • Sustainable components of European brands for lifetime reliability
  • Ventilation capacity 2.000 - 75.000m3/h
  • Advanced microprocessor controller
  • Plug and play ready operation, no additional equipment is required
  • Double sheeted panels, coated galvanised on the outside and magnesium zinc on the inside for maximum sustainability
  • Inverter compressor(s) and inverter plug fans
  • Hand held for easy settings of fan speed, set point and weekly program

  • Different envelope filters
  • Sound attenuators
  • Interior lighting and viewing options with internal light
  • Aluminium or Stainless steel housing
  • Dynamic filter pressure loss measurement
  • Anti corrosion coil treatment
  • Air dampers on the in- or outlet
  • Electronic starter and phase controller
  • Additional heater for dehumidification
  • Integrated humidification
  • BREEAM application
  • Modbus, BacNet, LONworks or TCP/IP communication